EdChoice Income-Based (Expansion) Scholarship

The Income-Based Scholarship Program (also referred to as EdChoice Expansion), provides income-based scholarships to Ohio Students entering grades K-12. The scholarship is to be used toward tuition at the participating private school of the parents’ choice. The scholarship is renewable through high school graduation.

Who is eligible?

Any student entering grades Kindergarten -12 can apply, unless they are eligible for the traditional EdChoice Scholarship. Eligibility and award amount is based on a family’s adjusted gross income and is available to students in any part of the state.

How much is the scholarship worth?

Income-Based Scholarships are worth up to $6,165 for grades K-8 and $8,407 for grades 9-12. Families whose income is at 450% or below are eligible to receive the full scholarship award amount. Families whose income is above 450% will receive a scholarship award that is prorated based on their income.

*Please note currently during the 2023-2024 school year students receiving a state-funded scholarship (EdChoice, EdChoice Expansion, Jon Peterson, and the Autism Scholarship) are not eligible for a NOSF scholarship.

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