The Benefits of Independent and Private Schools in Northwest Ohio

At the Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund, we believe that private and independent education has benefits that extend throughout a student’s life—and there is great deal of evidence to back us up! Private education has been proven to be of great value to students, and stronger independent schools mean stronger communities as well.

student smiling

Benefitting Students

Private schools offer low-income students a chance and a challenge. They are exposed to rich diversity, new ideas, and new ways of learning. They are expected and encouraged to do their best. This tradition of success leads to high standardized test scores and high graduation rates.

Parents with children in K-12 private schools are much more satisfied with their schools than are parents with children in public schools, according to a report from the Council for American Private Education.

Benefitting Schools

By filling empty desks with scholarship students, we make schools stronger. In areas with changing demographics, scholarships offer schools greater financial stability through an expanded base of support. These monies allow financially strapped schools to serve children in their neighborhoods.

Benefitting Communities

An investment in education is good economics. Well-educated children make better life choices. We strengthen our inner-city neighborhoods through the presence of a neighborhood school. We enhance the local job market through a well-trained employee pool.

An investment in education is good economics.

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