Contribute to the Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund's Advocates for Education Annual Support Program

Blue Ribbon - $5,000 and up The donor that earns a Blue Ribbon provides NOSF scholarships for a family for a year. 

Champion - $2,000 and up to $4,999 The Champion is someone who provides a full NOSF scholarship for a student. 

Supporter - $500 and up to $1,999 The Supporter is someone who supports school choice for families that would not have it if not for NOSF and its scholarships.

Backer - $250 and up to $499 The Backer is  someone who gives financial support for education for kids.

Helper - $100 and up to $249 The Helper is a person who wants to help those that cannot afford a private education for their child by supporting NOSF.

Gifts of Cash

A gift of cash to the Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund will be used to fund the current school year’s scholarships. NOSF depends on its Advocates for Education annual fund to ensure educational choices for children. All gifts made to the NOSF will be matched by the Children’s Scholarship Fund in New York, our parent organization.

Click the button below to make a donation to NOSF via our secure WePay account.

Checks should be made payable to:

Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund, Inc.
5800 Monroe St., Ste. F5
Sylvania, Ohio 43560

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Gifts can be made in the form of appreciated securities. You may be able to deduct the market value of the securities without paying capital gains tax on the appreciation, subject to tax regulations.


For additional information contact Ann Riddle at 419.720.7048, or email All contributions to the Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund, Inc. are deductible for federal income tax purposes, subject to applicable limitations. 

To make a pledge, download the pledge form below!

 NOSF Online Pledge Form revised Nov 2016.pdf

Please note: This pledge form is in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader to view it.

Growing Minds Creating Futures Legacy Society

The Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund Growing Minds Creating Futures Legacy Society was established to recognize those who believe all children should have access to quality education and support giving parents the option to choose the best school for their children.  This fund will provide the long term financial resources necessary to be able to offer educational scholarships for years to come.

Membership in the Growing Minds Creating Futures Legacy Society is open to those who make a commitment to the Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund through their wills or other planned gifts.  Their foresight and generosity will ensure that NOSF's mission of being able to offer edcuational choices to low-income families through privately funded scholarships will continue.

 NOSF Planned Giving Brochure 4-14.pdf

Agreement of Intent.pdf




 Help raise money for NOSF by grocery shopping at Krogers!

NOSF is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Kroger Community Rewards to receive donations quarterly based on your participation. All you need to do is use your Kroger Plus Card when you shop. Here are the easy steps to get started:

  • Go online to
  • If you do not already have one, make a Kroger Rewards Account
  • Once your account is set up, click the “Enroll Now” button and type “Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund” in the search bar
  • Select the organization from the list and click confirm
  • Go grocery shopping and help provide scholarships for children!

To learn more about additional donation opportunities, click here.

Do you have specific questions about giving to NOSF? Click here to contact us today!

For additional information, call 419.720.7048 or email us at All contributions to the Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund, Inc. are deductible for federal income tax purposes, subject to applicable limitations.